Father Muller Medical College - KEA Counselling MBBS Cutoff 2018Jul 24,2018

Father Muller Medical College, the college renowned for its glory of producing and outsourcing extraordinary medical graduates, recently completed the first round of NET 2018 Cutoff. The candidates / medical aspirants from various regions entered the competition to successfully carve a niche for their career in the healthcare realm. Read More . . .

Father Muller Medical College - KEA Counselling MBBS Cutoff 2017Jul 24,2018

Father Muller Medical College was established under the prosperous auspices of Father Muller’s Charitable Institutions. The year 1999 witnessed the outset of MBBS. The College opens its fruitful avenues to each and every medical aspirant willing to transform his / her aspirations into a proactive reality. The college has been providing the education of best quality to the students under its patronage in turn carving a niche for the ideal system of healthcare pedagogy. Read More . . .

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