Paid Counseling

Our Paid Counseling Program is a process of providing professional guidance to the students, who are facing difficulties in getting into top medical colleges in Karnataka. Students have an option to either go for free counseling or paid counseling based on their requirement. In free counseling process, counselors provide basic information of the colleges to the students and convince them for the college within their network. In paid counseling process, counselors conduct complete assessment of students’ profile and provide comprehensive information about the medical course, college and location, which are appropriate considering their needs.

Paid Counseling

Why do people need paid counseling?

Paid counseling is a method of identifying the root of difficulty of the students in making career decision. The process involves evaluation of students’ profile, which includes their academic qualification, financial stability and family background. Based on the complete assessment of the students’ profile, counselors give them a broader and right career perspective. People go for paid counseling to expand their knowledge about various suitable career options and have a better understanding on how to make the right decision.

Levels of Paid Counseling

    Basic Paid Counseling

    This process involves oral communication on suitable career options between the counselor and the student, assessment of required documents and filling up of the application form.

    Skill-Based Paid Counseling

    This process involves one-on-one discussion of the counselor with the students to evaluate their skills and knowledge, and providing various appropriate career options, which will help them in decision-making.

    Paid Career Counseling

    This process involves complete assessment of the student through various processes.

    • Psychometric Test

      This process include psychometric tests which consist of verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning and diagrammatic reasoning tests to measure students strengths, weaknesses, mental capabilities and behavioral style. This test would precisely highlight their best skill, personal interest and study habit pattern.

    • Financial Assessment

      This process involves evaluation of budget and other financial-related entities of the students to determine whether they are financially eligible to spend for their bright future. Counselors help and guide the students to avail education loan to pay for their college fees. If the college has higher fees then counselors ensure that the students get more financial aid to help cover the total fees.

    • Family Assessment

      This process involves evaluation of personal history of the student in order to formulate the effective career plan. It involves understanding the broader issues of the family such as employment, adequate housing, needed services and supports, impacting the student.

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